Self Reflection and My New Health Journey for starting 2017




Happy New Year Everyone!

I have been thinking a lot lately and I was thinking about how my health is as well as my eating habits. For the past few years, I haven’t really been eating too great because of college. Being so focused on studying made me forget about my eating habits and what should I be eating more of. Because I noticed my body is either always tired or sluggish because my eating habits are crappy. I do eat fruits and vegetables that are available to me at home but I never made it a mission to treat my body to more nourishment. So that’s what I really want to focus on starting this year. This is not because I want a hot summer body but I want to live a long and thriving life. If I take care of my body, it will take care of me right? I have been working out at the gym and eating better for about 3 weeks now since I started in the middle of December. My body is starting to feel better already and I am happy with my progress so far! I am taking baby steps until I am able to go through it full force!

-To good Health and Wellness!