My Parent’s got Re-married on Nov 14.2016

This past Monday, folks got re-married to reunite with each other. They didn’t feel like they needed a fancy wedding to do so because they did it for free at our local courthouse. And I thought was very nice. I noticed many young couples getting married on that same day as well and they were so happy about it. It made me think about couples who spend over 20k to have their wedding, just for their marriage license. If you think about it, at the end of the day the marriage is way more important than the wedding itself because your bond with your spouse should be your main concern. Well at least for me, my marriage is way more important. I am a very simple girl. I would ideally like my wedding under 10k or just wont have a wedding at all just go to the courthouse. Depending how I feel, because at the end of the day its just a party. I am not knocking on those who splurge on their wedding, it is your day but think about what is really important to you.

What are your thoughts folks?





2 thoughts on “My Parent’s got Re-married on Nov 14.2016

  1. Well I feel that when some of us were younger we always dreamed of that lavish wedding. The princess ball gown wedding dress. The whole nine. But, you have some people like me for instance who would like it plain and simple. Just family, and friends which I don’t have much of, a very small ceremony it have to be at church. It can be held at some country club, or a hotel boardroom. I don’t even need a photographer I’d take the photos myself or act people who are attending to take photos with the phones.

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    1. It is the social standards of weddings that has been put on us as little girls. America is very money greedy so they do what they can to try to get you to spend a lot on your wedding or even trying to get guys to spend an arbitrary price on engagement rings..especially if its a diamond ring. Like the diamond is a rare stone..which is really not and people don’t want to realize that. Social standards are a crutch on many people..But hey what every floats your boat. I just don’t think an extravagant wedding or engagement ring is necessary.


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